What Does Arrival At Destination Mean DHgate

What Does Arrival At Destination Mean DHgate? – Complete Answer

This article provides a comprehensive answer to What Does Arrival At Destination Mean DHgate. There are several shipping options used by DHgate sellers to deliver goods to buyers. On this article, you’ll learn about these shipping options and how to track your order.
Are you trying to know what it means when DHgate order tracking says ‘arrived at destination’? Keep reading this article to get the answer.
DHgate is a cross-border e-commerce platform that enables small and medium retailers buy goods directly from suppliers in China.
Founded in 2004, DHgate has grown into a dependable platform for sales of wholesale Chinese products to buyers all over the world.

So, if you are wondering What Does Arrival At Destination Mean DHgate, take your time to read this article and you’ll get a detailed answer. We have also written lots of useful articles for DHgate customer, see them here.

Where Does DHgate Ship From?

DHgate ships orders from China since all the sellers there are Chinese suppliers. Like we said before, the DHgate is a business-to-business/business-to-consumer e-commerce platform facilitating the sale of manufactured items from Chinese suppliers to retailers worldwide.
From the above explanation, it is clear that DHgate ships orders from China to any part of the world.

How Long Does It Take For DHgate To Deliver

DHgate provides a shipping time of 30 days (1 month) to buyers. However, orders can be delivered faster than the given time depending on the country an order is being shipped to, it also depends on the shipping method used by the seller.
An average of 20 – 25 days is the minimum shipping time provided by DHgate. Also read Does DHgate Accept Afterpay?

Shipping Methods Available At DHgate?

Below are the various shipping methods used by DHgate to deliver goods to customers worldwide.

  • China Post: This shipping method may take between 4 – 6 weeks for an order to be delivered. China Post is unarguably the most used method of shipping orders from China.
  • DHL & DHL-Abroad: With DHL-Abroad, orders can be delivered within one or two days. However, there are times orders take up to three weeks to be delivered.
  • EMS, Quick: Orders sent through this shipping method can be delivered between 4 – 15 days, this is one of the reliable shipping methods used by DHgate.
  • FedEx & FedEx Abroad: This is one of the widely used shipping methods and it takes between 1-7 days for goods to be delivered.
  • Hong Kong Post/Singapore Post: Using this shipping method to deliver goods will take between 10 – 27 days.
  • UPS: You can also make use of the USP shipping method, average time for delivery using UPS is 3 – 14 days.
  • TNT: This is one of the shipping methods you can use if you want fast delivery, TNT orders get delivered between 2 – 9 days.

How Long Does DHgate Take To Ship From China

Shipping an order from China can be a little time consuming especially if you are shipping it to the United State or Europe, the least shipping time provided by DHgate from China is 20 – 25 days.
This doesn’t mean orders can’t be delivered before then, how long an order will take to deliver depends on factors like location and shipping method used.

How To Ship Orders Fast On DHgate

As a buyer on DHgate, you have the option of going for a faster delivery. If you feel the DHgate shipping option will delay your goods and you want to receive them urgently, you can opt for courier service. Understand that this courier service will attract shipping fees. If you are okay with paying for the fees, talk to your seller about this and you will be offered the options available. Also read What Does Pending Delivery Confirmation Mean On DHgate?

What Does Arrival At Destination Mean DHgate

Is DHgate Shipping Service Free?

The DHgate shipping service is entirely free for customers who order items at DHgate, the shipping options will determine the courier service to be used.

How Long Does DHgate Take To Deliver To US?

Typically, it takes between 8 to 10 days for DHgate to deliver to the United States using air freight, while ocean freight will take between 30 to 40 days.
Using courier service, it takes between 3 – 20 days for a DHgate order to be delivered to US, this depends on the type of service and the courier company used.

What Does Arrival At Destination Mean DHgate?

When an order is written ‘arrived at destination’, it simply means the order has arrived the destination country. This does not mean you’ll receive the order same day, it may still be awaiting custom scan and clearance. However, you can be sure of receiving the shipment within a few days.
Let’s say you are in the US and you ordered an item at DHgate, once the tracking information says ‘arrived at destination’, it means your order has landed in the US and awaiting custom clearance.

How Long Does DHgate Take To Ship?

Usually, the estimated time of deliver for an item will be provided on the DHgate website. After making an order, you should expect the item to be delivered within 3 – 15 working days, that’s if you are using airfreight or courier service.

How Long Is DHgate Shipping?

How long a DHgate shipping takes is determined by the shipping destination and the shipping method used. On the average, a DHgate shipping takes between 3 – 20 days.

How Long Does DHgate Take To Process Payment?

Payments are usually verified within 1 business day (24 hours) on DHgate. A notification email will be sent to the buyer to confirm that payment has been verified, this will also change the status of the order to ‘pending seller confirmation’.
Some customers have complained how it took over 6 days for their payment status to change from ‘awaiting payment’ after they had paid. Issues like these come up once in a while, it could be caused by technical issues which usually result in transaction getting declined by DHgate, the amount charged will be reversed.

How To Get Refund On DHgate

To get a refund on DHgate, you need to open a dispute on the platform. Customers can open disputes on the DHgate website or the app.
If you used Paypal to pay for the goods, you can make use of the Paypal claims process to get your refund.
Note that you’ll have to present acceptable evidences before your dispute can be approved and refunds made.

When Will I Receive My Refund On DHgate

Refunds will be made once an order has been successfully return by the customer and the seller confirms receipt. The item must be returned within a specific date set up by the seller.
You’ll get a refund once the seller informs DHgate that the items has been returned successfully.

How To Open A Dispute On DHgate

Customers are given 15 days to resolve issues with sellers. If the issue can’t be resolved, the customer can escalate the case by submitting it to the DHgate resolution center.
To open a dispute on DHgate website, follow the process below.

  • On your browser, visit the DHgate website.
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • Click ‘My DHgate’ located at the top of the page.
  • Locate the transaction you want to start dispute for, look under ‘Status Column’, you will see the warning sign, click on it to start a dispute.
  • Once the dispute page opens, choose the option that best suites your dispute reason.
  • Provide complain reasons.
  • Follow instructions on the page to complete the dispute.

How To Open A Dispute On DHgate App

To open a dispute on DHgate app, follow the process below.

  • Launch the DHgate app on your mobile device.
  • Scroll to the bottom right corner of the screen and tap ‘Account’.
  • Click ‘My Orders’.
  • Select the order you want to open a dispute for and click ‘Return and Refund’.
  • Select reasons for dispute and provide more comments.

How To Contact DHgate

Buyers can contact DHgate via calls from 9am to 6pm Turkey Time (Monday to Friday) on +90 212 296 4569.
You can also send a mail to DHgate via service.tr@dhgate.com (9am – 6pm Beijing Time – Monday to Friday), or dhgate@khlglobal.com (9am – 6pm Turkey Time – Monday to Friday).