What Happens If eBay Authentication Failed

What Happens If eBay Authentication Failed? – Complete Answer

What Happens If eBay Authentication Failed? – The eBay authentication guarantee system was introduced to ensure only original items are sold in the eBay marketplace.
It is eBay’s utmost desire that buyers shop for collectible or high-end items without fear and with confidence.
Although, there has been some hiccups here and there, the eBay authentication guarantee program has recorded tremendous success in boosting buyers’ confidence while shopping in the marketplace.
As a seller, you want to know what will happen if your item fails to pass the eBay authentication process, this article will give you the most comprehensive answer.

eBay is one of the top online shopping platforms worldwide, the marketplace has consistently offered high-level online shopping experience to both buyers and sellers.
Several online sellers have made sales in millions of dollars in the platform, this is why eBay has become synonymous to online shopping.

Over the years, eBay have continued to refined its operations in a bid to sanitize the platform and reduce fraudulent activities to the barest minimum. This explains why great features like the authentication guarantee program were introduced in the platform.

What Happens If eBay Authentication Failed? This article is giving you a complete answer, happy reading. Also read: How To Block User On eBay.

What Is eBay Authentication Guarantee?

The eBay authentication guarantee is a program that verifies the authenticity of eligible items so as to ensure that buyers only get original products.
This program has helped reduce the number of fake items sold on the eBay marketplace. Not just that, it has greatly boosted the confidence of buyers in the platform.
With the eBay authentication guarantee program, both sellers and buyers are protected. The program is structured in a way that no one loses at the end of the day, 100% risk free.
The authenticity guarantee is not affiliated with any brands sold on the marketplace, it is an independent program.

Which Items Are Eligible For eBay Authenticity Guarantee?

1. Watches

Presently, watches that are sold for $2,000 or more in the Wristwatches category are eligible for the authenticity program, smart watches, watch accessories, and watch parts are ineligible. Customized watches are also not eligible, only watches sold to continental US buyers are eligible. Note that only watches sold on ebay.com are eligible.

2. Handbags

Handbags sold for $500 or above in the Women’s Bags & Handbags categories are eligible, handbags also sold in the Bags Category under Men’s Accessories are also eligible. Watches must be sold in an auction or fixed priced listing to be eligible. Also, these watches must be sold to a buyer having a United States shipping address.

3. Sneakers

For new condition sneakers, a minimum of $100 must be the Buy It Now price, or auction price. As long as the price of the sneaker is not less than $100, it is eligible for authentication.

For pre-owned condition sneakers, a minimum of $150 must be the But It Now price, or auction price. To make the sneakers eligible for authentication, it must not be sold for less than $150.

Customized sneakers are ineligible, a sneaker must be listed in the women or men athletic shoe categories to be eligible.
The sneakers must be sold on ebay.com to be eligible, it must also be sold so buyers having United States, Australian, or Canadian shipping address.

4. Trading Cards

Trading card must have a Buy It Now minimum of $350, or auction of $350 minimum. A trading card will be eligible as long as it is not sold for any amount below $350.
Raw trading cards are eligible for authentication, trading cards that are graded are ineligible.
Autographed cards and cards containing embellishments, additional items, or memorabilia, are not eligible. Trading cards that are being shipped to a PO box, having in-store pickup, or local pickup as delivery option, are all not eligible.

What Brands Of Sneakers Are Eligible For eBay Authenticity Guarantee?

Here are the brands of sneakers that are eligible for authentication; MCM, Givenchy, Buscemi, Giuseppe Zanotti, Valentino, Fendi, Burberry, RHUDE, Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Y-3, Alexander McQueen, YEEZY SEASON, Golden Goose, Dior, Versace Visvim, Fear of God, A Bathing Ape, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, Chanel, Crocs, Maison Margiela, Reebok, Gucci, Vans, Yeezys, Balenciaga, Converse, Asics, Puma, Jordans, and New Balance

What Brands Of Handbags Are Eligible For eBay Authenticity Guarantee?

Brands like Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Prada, Balenciaga, Fendi, Givenchy, Valentino, Goyard, and Chloe, are all eligible for the eBay authenticity guarantee.

What Types Of Trading Cards Are Eligible For eBay Authenticity Guarantee?

Here are the trading cards that are eligible; sport and non-sports trading card singles, collectible card game single cards.

How To Use eBay Authenticate

Items that are eligible for the eBay authenticity guarantee will have a blue Authenticity Guarantee check mark badge displaced under the description. The process of adding an item to the program is done automatically.
The blue badge will be seen by buyers both in the search results, checkout page, item view page, and purchase history page. See image below.

What Happens If eBay Authentication Failed

Once the item is sold, it must be sent to the authenticator’s address which will be made available by eBay. The item will be sent to the buyer after it must have been checked and confirmed as authentic.
Items sold for $750 or above require signature confirmation.

What Happens If eBay Authentication Failed?

If the authentication fails, the authenticator will send back the item to the seller and the buyer will be refunded.

An item will fail authentication if the authenticator is unable to determine that the item is authentic and matches the description provided in the listing by the seller.

It is worthy to note that sellers are unable to appeal if an item doesn’t pass authentication.

How Long Does eBay Sneaker Authentication Take?

The eBay authentication guarantee process takes 3 business days for sneakers.

How Long Does eBay Handbag Authentication Take?

To check the authenticity of handbags, it takes a total of 3 business days for the process to be completed.

How Long Does eBay Watches Authentication Take?

The authentication process takes 2 business days to check watches and send to the buyer when completed.

How Long Does eBay Trading Card Authentication Take?

Just like watches, the process of authenticating takes 2 business days to complete for trading cards.

Please note that authentications are not done in weekends.

eBay Sneaker Authentication Fees

The eBay authentication guarantee program is entirely free. This is not only for sneakers, there are no fees charged for checking any of the items for authenticity.

Both buyers and sellers don’t have to pay any fee to get an item checked.

What Happens If eBay Says Your Shoes Are Fake?

If eBay decides that your listed shoes are fake, the shoes will be returned to you and a refund will be made to the buyer.
It is essential to note that the authentication guarantee program can’t validate any external evidence, this means that you don’t need to provide any additional evidence to prove the authenticity of your item(s).

eBay Authenticity Guarantee Handbags

Like we have listed above, here are the various brands of eligible eBay Authenticity Guarantee handbags; Valentino, Goyard, Chanel, Fendi, Givenchy, Celine, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Prada, Balenciaga, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Chloe

eBay Authentication Hub

An eBay authentication hub is one of the centers where items are being sent for authentication. There is a team of expert authenticators are each of these authentication hubs to verify and authenticate items.

Where Is eBay Shoe Authentication Located?

The address of an authentication center will be provided by eBay after the eligible item has been sold. The buyer’s unique ID number and name will be provided too. The seller will be unable to ship the item directly to the buyer, eBay will forward it to the buyer’s address after it has been verified and authenticated.

What Happens If eBay Authentication Failed

eBay Authenticity Guarantee Delay

There has been recorded cases of delay in the authentication process largely due to the huge number of items sent in for authentication. These delays are also common during holidays as a result of post holiday shopping from cash and gift cards.

What Should I Do If eBay Authentication Delays?

According to reviews by several buyers, the best approach to take is to contact eBay customer service and report the delay in your authentication. This is undoubtedly the only way you can speed up the process. Click on the eBay customer service link and send an email to them.